Electric Massage Ball
Electric Massage Ball
Electric Massage Ball
Electric Massage Ball
Electric Massage Ball
Electric Massage Ball

Electric Massage Ball

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✔️ Fourth Gear Vibration Intensity

✔️ Sealed Waterproof Design

✔️ Made of Flexible Silicone Rubber

✔️ Texture Surface With Massage Knobs

✔️ Premium Quality Indicator Light

Embrace the Power of Healing Touch

Experience the Electric Massage Ball, a harmony of technology and therapy, designed to melt away life's tensions.

Each vibration resonates with your soul's longing for relief, turning every ache into a distant memory.


Its ergonomic design nestles perfectly in your hand, providing an effortless hold.

This structure amplifies its efficiency while offering pinpoint pressure for all muscle regions, from broad sections such as the back to finer spots like the wrists.


Customize your massage session with four unique power levels.

From a soothing unwind after a tiring day to a robust deep-tissue kneading post-exercise, the Electric Massage Ball shifts seamlessly to meet your demands at the touch of a button.


Made with top-tier, skin-compliant plastic, this massage ball epitomizes longevity and toughness.

Its sturdy build guarantees enduring performance through intense massage sessions while maintaining a gentle contact with the skin.


Our Electric Massage Ball offers vibrations designed to meet every muscle's need, ensuring you get the precise intensity for optimal relief.

Level 1 - Low Intensity: A gentle introduction at 1600 rpm, perfect for light relaxation and easing into your massage.

Level 2 - Medium Intensity: A balanced 2000 rpm that delves deeper, addressing those everyday aches effectively.

Level 3 - Pulsating Mode: Dynamic variations from 1200 to 2800 rpm that rhythmically massage, ensuring no knot goes unnoticed.

Level 4 - High Intensity: An assertive 3000 rpm, designed for those demanding areas, providing profound muscle relief.


The Electric Massage Ball is a state-of-the-art therapeutic tool designed to deliver targeted and adjustable massage experiences, catering to various muscle groups and intensity preferences.

Unlike traditional massage balls, the Electric Massage Ball offers adjustable intensity levels and is powered by internal mechanisms that provide consistent and controlled pressure, enhancing the massage experience.

The Electric Massage Ball is crafted from premium, skin-friendly plastic, ensuring both durability and a comfortable touch against the skin.

The Electric Massage Ball typically comes with a USB charging cable. Simply connect it to a power source until fully charged. The duration and charging method might vary; always refer to the user manual.

While the Electric Massage Ball is designed to be durable, it's not advisable to submerge it in water. To clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth and ensure it's dry before the next use.

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