Compress Zipper Vest
Compress Zipper Vest
Compress Zipper Vest
Compress Zipper Vest
Compress Zipper Vest
Compress Zipper Vest
Compress Zipper Vest
Compress Zipper Vest

Compress Zipper Vest

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✔️ Double-layer Fabric Material

✔️ Built-in Hook & Zip Closure

✔️ Provides Abs & Back Support

✔️ Premium Quality Zipper Design
Size Waist(cm) Chest(cm) Length(cm)
S/M 80-100 90-110 60
L/XL 90-110 100-120 62
2XL/3XL 105-125 115-130 65
4XL/5XL 125-150 135-150 67

Unveil Your Inner Warrior

The Compress Zipper Vest is more than just a garment; it's a silent promise to your body, a commitment to sculpting your true potential.

Every zip embraces your journey, accentuating the curves of determination and echoing the symphony of sweat-fueled triumphs.


Our Compress Zipper Vest features a double-layer fabric construction that combines durability with comfort.

The inner layer is soft against your skin, providing a gentle touch even during intense workouts. The outer layer boasts a robust texture, ensuring long-lasting wear that can withstand your most rigorous routines.

no more slips

Experience the perfect fit every time you put on your vest. The built-in hook and zip closure system offers customizable compression, allowing you to secure the vest to your preferred level of snugness.

This secure closure ensures that the vest stays in place no matter how intense your movements are.

we care for you too

Your core is the foundation of your strength, and our Compress Zipper Vest is here to help you make the most of it.

The strategic design of the vest provides targeted support to your abs and back, helping to improve posture, reduce muscle fatigue, and enhance your overall stability.

Train with confidence, knowing that every movement is backed by the vest's supportive embrace.


The Compress Zipper Vest is a specialized fitness garment designed to offer snug compression, promoting better posture and enhanced sweating during workouts for optimized results.

The vest's compression technology helps to increase thermal activity, making you sweat more and thus aiding in burning more calories. Additionally, it provides support to the core, assisting in maintaining proper posture during exercises.

The vest is crafted from high-quality, skin-friendly fabrics that ensure durability while maximizing comfort and flexibility during workouts.

While the Compress Zipper Vest is designed primarily for workouts, it's comfortable and discreet enough to be worn during daily activities, providing continuous compression and posture support.

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